We’re pleased to announce Failover Conf, a conference focused on building resilient systems. The conference will be held online on April 21 and session submissions will be accepted through March 23.

Practicing resilience

Being a resilient engineer means building systems that are hardened against expected failures and able to withstand unexpected ones. This year we expected to have the opportunity to gather in person to share our knowledge and experiences building production systems with one another. Then the unexpected happened, forcing many events to cancel or postpone.

But we're resilient. When one opportunity falls through, we "failover" to another.

Introducing Failover Conf

Failover Conf provides a backup platform to share the information and stories that would have otherwise been lost. It is an online conference born out of resilience, focused on resiliency.

The conference will be held on April 21 from 8am–4pm PDT (11am–7pm EDT, 5pm–1am CEST) and will feature 30-minute sessions.

We’d like to invite anyone who was scheduled to speak at a conference that has been cancelled or postponed—or anyone who just wants to talk about building and operating resilient systems and teams—to submit a session.

Example topics include:

  • Multi-cloud or hybrid cloud failover strategies
  • Circuit breaker and retry patterns with service mesh
  • Applying Chaos Engineering principles to teams
  • Going beyond just SREs and building a culture of reliability
  • Or just send us the session you had planned to give at a cancelled event!

The Failover Conf CFP will only be open through March 23, so submit your talk today!

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Jason Yee
Jason Yee
Director of Advocacy
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