We’re excited to announce the third annual Chaos Conf! Given the events with Covid-19 this year, we will be holding this event fully online for the health and safety of attendees. The unforeseen impact of this virus on our lives, our businesses, and our software highlights the importance of preparing for the unexpected. Our theme for this year highlights this:

Prepare for moments that matter.

Chaos Conf will take place over the course of three days: October 6–8. We expect it to be the largest conference dedicated to Chaos Engineering in history.

Since the first Chaos Conf back in 2018, the objective has been to create a community around resilience and SRE best practices. We’ve had speakers from big companies like Amazon and Google, as well as startups tackling reliability in interesting ways such as Honeycomb and Firehydrant. Attendees range from those who have been doing Chaos Engineering for over a decade, to those just learning about the practice who want tips on how to get started and bring Chaos Engineering into their own organization.

For the opening keynote this year, we’re happy to have Adrian Cockroft, VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, return to the stage to share his perspective on how Chaos Engineering has evolved since his time at Netflix. The second day will feature Gene Kim, author of the Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project, and co-author of Accelerate. His talk will focus on why Chaos Engineering is a critical component of DevOps.

The closing keynote we’re keeping a surprise for now ;)

We’re expanding the conference from ten to twenty sessions. To accommodate schedules and timezones, the conference will be split into 3 half days. We’ll also be offering hands-on training workshops from reliability experts.

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The CFP is open and you can apply here. The theme for 2020 is “prepare for moments that matter,” and each day has a specific focus that should help guide your submissions.

Day one: Reliability comes with practice

Chaos Engineering allows you to practice (and master) incidents so that you can easily manage the unexpected ones. We'll cover what and how to practice.

Day two: Completing the DevOps loop

DevOps has improved the flow of software from Developers to Operations. But without feedback from Operations to Developers, DevOps is broken and often results in unreliable software. Learn how Chaos Engineering completes the loop to bring devs and ops closer to deliver more reliable software.

Day three: A data-driven culture of reliability

The software we build reflects the engineering culture of our organizations. Learn how to build a culture of reliability that results in more reliable systems and applications.

This will be a free event and you can RSVP here (thank you to our sponsors!). We’ll also be sending out a Chaos Conf swag pack to the first 1,000 registrants. Spread the word on social using the hashtag #ChaosConf and follow the official Chaos Conf Twitter for updates.

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Kolton Andrus
Kolton Andrus
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