Chaos Engineering was conceived as a direct response to the complexity and nondeterministic nature of cloud-based applications. Thoughtful fault injection closes the gap between traditional testing methodologies and modern approaches to software engineering like microservices, continuous delivery, and DevOps. It’s no surprise then, that Gremlin’s co-founders have always been committed to supporting both cloud-native teams and teams in the midst of their so-called “digital transformation.”

As former Amazon engineers, our co-founders have always seen the value in the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of AWS and, since Gremlin’s official launch in 2017, have aligned with the AWS community across our product, marketing, and employee culture. Gremlin even took home the honor of “Rookie of the Year” at AWS re:Invent that year!

In the latest evolution of our commitment to engineers running workloads in AWS, we are excited to share that Gremlin has achieved AWS DevOps Competency Status.

What is “AWS DevOps Competency Status”?

There are “tens of thousands” of partners in the AWS Partner Network. However, there are only a few hundred partners that have achieved Competency Status. This is a strong signal to AWS customers that a given partner is well-poised to solve specific challenges associated with running modern applications in AWS.

To earn competency status, Gremlin worked with our AWS counterparts to demonstrate:

  1. Our product and engineering teams have deep, technical expertise related to various areas of building and operating in AWS.
  2. The Gremlin application is built and operated according to AWS best practices.
  3. Our existing customers running in AWS are satisfied and trust Gremlin for their most critical applications.

What it means for you

We understand that new designations and accolades that companies often tout can seem like nothing more than marketing puffery and hardly something to write a blog about. While that may be true for many of them, achieving Competency Status from AWS is a major milestone for any company.

This designation helps to further validate that Gremlin allows you to run chaos experiments in a manner that is safe, secure, and simple. It's strong validation of our belief (and company mission) that Chaos Engineering is a must-have for any team looking to improve their reliability and provide seamless customer experiences in the cloud.

If you're on AWS and pursuing greater reliability, we'd invite you to learn more about using Gremlin on AWS.

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Eugene Wu
Eugene Wu
Solutions Architect
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