Prepare for the moments that matter

Build resilience to failure, maintain customer trust, and improve incident response with Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering platform.
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Prevent expensive outages

Avoid costly downtime. Minimize your risk of system failure by proactively testing for weaknesses before they become outages.
  • Identify
    Uncover critical failures before they impact customers
  • Accelerate
    Reduce detection and resolution time for incidents
  • Validate
    Test your disaster recovery mechanisms to prevent a false sense of security

Shorten development, deployment, and migration cycles

Prevent rollbacks and service disruptions by identifying weak points in your system before launch.
  • Deliver zero-regression, on-time, on-budget migrations
  • Ship more reliable code, more often
  • Train the next generation of SREs with real-world scenarios

Win customer trust

Customer expectations have changed. Make sure your application delivers a seamless experience, every time.
  • Prepare for launches and high-scale events
  • Deliver a seamless experience and win customer trust
  • Prevent failure from impacting your reputation
Paul Osman
We use Gremlin to test various failure scenarios and build confidence in the resiliency of our microservices. The ability to target containerized services with an easy-to-use UI has reduced the amount of time it takes us to do fault injection significantly.
Paul Osman
Senior Engineering Manager
Under Armour

Safe, Simple, Secure Chaos Engineering

Gremlin offers you everything you need to build reliable software with Chaos Engineering.
  • Improve reliability at every layer of your system
  • Easily run experiments with our simple, guided interface and well-documented API
  • Safely halt and roll back any experiment
  • SOC II certified and Privacy Shield, GDPR, OWASP, & NIST compliant
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