Scheduling Scenarios

Scenarios can be scheduled to run randomly within a timeframe. A Scenario will run at least once each day you select it to run. The time window the Scenario runs can also be set.

Creating a Scheduled Scenario

To add a schedule to a new Scenario, add the Scenario details, add attacks to the Scenario, and then open the Schedule Scenario pane. Click the "Schedule for later" toggle, select your options, and click "Schedule Scenario".

Scheduling a Scenario will not make it run immediately. It will only run on the schedule set.

The schedule on a draft Scenario will not run until the user selects "Schedule Scenario" on the Scenario creation and editing workflow.

Editing a Scenario Scheduled

To edit a Scenario's schedule, either click the Scenario in the schedules view, or go to the Scenario card from the custom or drafts pages.

Removing a Scenario's Schedule

Toggling the Scenario's schedule off will stop the Scenario's schedule from running.