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To view, invite, and manage Gremlin users and their permissions within your company, select "Company Settings" from the drop down menu at the top right. In the users tab on the page, you will find a list of users at your company as well as the teams they belong to.

To view more details about a specific user, select their name from the list, which will take you to a details page.

To view revoked or invited users instead of active users, select ... at the top right of the users table.

Inviting Users

To invite new users to your company, click the "Invite Users", and enter an email address, or a list of email addresses separated by commas. Below the list of emails is a list of teams to which you can add the invited users. Inviting a user will send them an email to create a Gremlin account and add them to the teams you selected.

Editing User Roles

To edit the permissions that a user has, you must edit the roles that are assigned to that user.

Select the user you wish to edit from the list of users. On the user's details page, you can edit their company or team roles by selecting ..., then selecting "Edit Company Roles" or "Edit Team Roles".

Removing a User From the Company

To remove a user from your Gremlin account, navigate to the "Users" tab in the "Company Settings". Select the user to view their details, then in the "Company" section of their user details, select "Revoke User" from the "..." menu.