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Slack is a communications and collaboration platform to help teams get together and get things done. If you already use Slack, it is useful to create a new channel for your Engineering team to see the Gremlins in action when they are running experiments.

With this integration enabled, you will be notified in Slack for:

  • Started Gremlin experiments
  • Successful Gremlin experiments
  • Halted Gremlin experiments

And, you can take the following actions from within Slack:

  • Rerun Gremlin experiments
  • Show logs for Gremlin experiments
  • Halt Gremlin experiments

Permissions the integration needs

The following is the same information you will review before you install the Slack integration. We've provided it here as well:

What will Gremlin be able to do?

  • Perform actions in channels & conversations
  • Start direct and group direct messages with people
  • Send messages as Gremlin
  • Upload, edit, and delete files as Gremlin
  • Add and remove pinned messages and files
  • Add or remove stars
  • Add and edit emoji reactions
  • Add the ability for people to direct message or mention @gremlin
  • Provide Gremlin with a stream of all activity in Slack for the conversations and people it can see

How to setup the integration

Watch this video for a quick walkthrough on setting up the Slack integration. Otherwise, continue reading below.

Login to the Gremlin web app using your sign-on credentials. Once you have logged in, click your name, select Company Settings, and then Integrations. Next to the Slack logo, click the Add button. This will navigate you to Slack's setup page, where you can select the Slack workspace you want to integrate with, review the permissions the integration needs, and select a channel where messages will be sent.

After clicking Allow, Slack will redirect you back to the Gremlin web app. Now, whenever you start, halt, or finish an experiment, Gremlin sends a notification to the Slack channel you selected.