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Dynatrace Health Check

To add a Dynatrace Health Check:

  • Open the Health Checks page in the Gremlin web app, click + Health Check, then select Dynatrace from the Integrations drop-down.

  • If Dynatrace is already authenticated, continue to step 3. Otherwise, continue with these steps:

    • Enter the API base URL for your Dynatrace account. For Dynatrace SaaS, this typically follows the format https://{your-environment-id}
    • In the Dynatrace web app, copy or create an API key.
    • Back in the Gremlin web app, under Authentication, paste the API key into the API Key box.
    • Click Authenticate Observability Tool to send a test request. If Gremlin successfully receives a response, click Save Authentication.
  • In the Dynatrace web app, navigate to a synthetic monitor or an infrastructure entity, like a Host, and copy the URL. Note: The Entity URL must point to a synthetic monitor or an infrastructure entity relevant to the Service you are creating in Gremlin. You can get the Entity URL from the Dynatrace web app. See Synthetic Monitoring in the Dynatrace documentation for more information.

    Example input values:

    • URL for a Host under the Infrastructure section:;gtf=-2h;gf=all;id=HOST-910A9;appswitched=true
    • URL for a synthetic monitor:
  • Back in the Gremlin web app, paste the URL into the Entity URL field.

  • Click Test Health Check. Gremlin will query the /problems endpoint in the Dynatrace API with the infrastructure entity ID or the monitor ID from the URL for any problems.

  • Click Save.