Infrastructure Layer

Install Gremlin on OpenShift 3


Download authentication keys

Gremlin requires authentication during installation. You will need to download your Gremlin certificate key-pair in order to connect to your Gremlin team. With the key pair extracted to your local system, export the following variables into a local shell, supplying the appropriate values.

1export GREMLIN_TEAM_ID=11111111-1111-1111-111111111111
2export GREMLIN_CLUSTER_ID=my-cluster
3export PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE=/path/to/unzipped/cert.pem
4export PATH_TO_PRIVATE_KEY=/path/to/unzipped/key.pem

Install Gremlin SELinux policy

As Openshift uses SELinux, Gremlin requires a custom SELinux policy to grant the minimal permissions needed. Find out more about Gremlin's integration with SELinux on the policy's Github page

On every OpenShift node, run the following command to install the SELinux module

1curl -fsSL -o selinux-policies-v0.0.2.tar.gz
2tar xzf selinux-policies-v0.0.2.tar.gz
3sudo semodule -i selinux-policies-v0.0.2/gremlin-openshift3.cil

Helm installation

1oc new-project gremlin
2helm repo add gremlin
3helm install gremlin gremlin/gremlin \
4 --namespace gremlin \
5 --set gremlin.podSecurity.securityContextConstraints.create=true \
6 --set gremlin.secret.managed=true \
7 --set gremlin.secret.teamID=$GREMLIN_TEAM_ID \
8 --set gremlin.secret.clusterID=$GREMLIN_CLUSTER_ID \
9 --set-file gremlin.secret.certificate=$PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE \
10 --set-file gremlin.secret.key=$PATH_TO_PRIVATE_KEY

Manual installation

1oc new-project gremlin
2mkdir gremlin-openshift3
3wget -P gremlin-openshift3/
4wget -P gremlin-openshift3/
5wget -P gremlin-openshift3/
6wget -P gremlin-openshift3/
7wget -P gremlin-openshift3/
8oc create secret generic gremlin-team-cert \
11 --from-file=gremlin.cert=$PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE \
12 --from-file=gremlin.key=$PATH_TO_PRIVATE_KEY
13oc create -f gremlin-openshift3/

Run Attacks

You can now run attacks on your cluster, including Kubernetes attacks.


Please check our OpenShift troubleshooting section for common issues and solutions.