Getting Started


To view a list of teams on your Gremlin account, create a new team, delete a team, invite users to a team, or manage a team's settings, select "Company Settings" from the drop down menu at the top right, then select the "Teams" tab.

Gremlin users can belong to 0 or more teams. In order to take any action on behalf of a team, like running attacks, a user must be a member of that team and have permission to take that action.

Gremlin Agents, attacks, and reports belong to only 1 team. You must switch between teams to view these for another team. To switch between teams of which you are a member, select the Team dropdown in the top left hand corner, and choose the team you would like to view.

Creating a team

To create a team, select the "Create Team" button in the "Teams" tab on the "Company Settings" page. After giving the team a name, you will be taken to the team's details page.

Adding a user to a team

Select the team to add members to from the list of teams, then select "Add Member". From there you can add one or more members that are already a part of your Gremlin account, or you can invite new users to your company and they team.

Removing a user from a team

You can remove a user from a team 2 ways:

  • Select the user you wish to edit from the list of users in the "Users" tab in "Company Settings". Select ... and remove them from the team.
  • Navigate to the "Teams" tab on the "Company Settings" page, select the team you would like to view, and select ..., and "Remove From Team"

Team configuration and API keys

View a team's Team ID, reset their secret key for client authentication, and download or edit the team's client certificates from the "Configuration" tab on the team's details page.

Manage the team's API key's from the "API Keys" tab on the team's Details page.

Changing a team name

As a Team Manager, you can change a team name to support organizational changes or because you just want something more fun. Changing team names used in SAML and OIDC claims will affect login attempts. See SAML claims for more information.

Deleting a team

To delete a team from your Gremlin account, go to "Company Settings", select the "Teams" tab, select the team you want to deleted, then select "Configuration", and "Delete This Team".