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Failure Flags


Gremlin Failure Flags lets you run Chaos Engineering experiments and reliability tests on serverless workloads, containers, and similar managed environments. Just like feature flags, Failure Flags let you perform experiments on specific parts of your services and applications with minimal impact to your application code and no performance impact when disabled. Failure Flags are safe to deploy in your application and will default to disabled when you have no actively running experiments.

In order to prepare for the Failure Flags demo you should reach out to your Cloud or Platform Engineering Team to gather the following information:

  • If running in a VPC or private network, is there a proxy server needed for a Lambda to communicate to the Internet (specifically If so, please provide the proxy address.
  • Are there firewall rules or network security changes required for the application or service to connect with the Gremlin API (

See the following pages to get started: