The Gremlin Client is what interacts with your stack to inject failure. Once the client is installed within your infrastructure or integrated into an application and authenticated with the Gremlin Control Plane, attacks can be thoughtfully planned, configured, and executed from the UI, API, or CLI.

An architectural diagram showing multiple clouds and vendors and how Gremlin operates with them


All Gremlin clients (infrastructure and application) authenticated to the Gremlin Control Plane appear on the Clients view in the UI, separated by Infrastructure and Application. Attacks can only be run on clients that are active. A client enters an idle state once there is no activity for at least 5 minutes. Attacks cannot be run or scheduled on idle clients. If a client is idle for at 24 hours it will be removed from the clients list. However, if a client communicates again with Gremlin while in the idle window, the client is reactivated.

Deactivating a Client

A client can be manually deactivated at any time. Simply find the client in question on either the Infrastructure or Application client list and click on the Deactivate button. To place the client back into a active state, click on the Activate button.