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Welcome to the Gremlin documentation! Here's everything you need to get started with Gremlin Reliability Management and Gremlin Fault Injection.

Watch our getting started video or read the guide below to set up Gremlin. You can also browse the documentation site using the left-hand nav bar or the search box at the top of the page.

Getting started video

Getting started guide

1: Install the Gremlin Agent

Step 1 is to install the Gremlin Agent. The Gremlin Agent lets you run reliability tests and fault injections on the systems you install it to.

2: Integrate your Monitors

Step 2 is to integrate your monitoring and observability tool, as well as any other tools. Gremlin uses your service's Golden Signal monitors to determine whether a reliability test was successful. Gremlin natively integrates with several observability tools and supports other tools via REST API.

3: Define and test your services

Step 3 is to define your services in Gremlin. You define a service as a collection of hosts, containers, or Kubernetes resources in your environment. Gremlin then tests and measures the reliability of each service.