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Chaos Engineering continues to grow in popularity and is rapidly becoming a job requirement for Engineering teams focused on reliability. A Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner certification is the simple way to prove your expertise, increase your professional visibility, and further your career.

Up-skill to Chaos Engineering expert.

Between hands-on practice with the Gremlin Platform, on-demand training materials, and live-streamed prep sessions, you'll have everything you need to prepare for and pass the Chaos Engineering Practitioner exam and get your certificate.

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Practice and hone your Chaos Engineering skills with a free Gremlin trial — a no-cost option meant to help you familiarize yourself with Chaos Engineering.

On-demand training

As you’re exploring Chaos Engineering, access Gremlin’s wide variety of educational and training resources—whether that be tutorials, Chaos Engineering webinars, or bootcamps.

Live prep sessions

Build expertise with help from the experts themselves. Attend live exam preparation sessions to make sure that you’re ready to go come exam day.

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Build your reputation as one of the world's best Chaos Engineering practitioners with an easily shareable certificate that's backed by the industry's leaders and pioneers.
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After you pass the Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Exam, we'll ship the first 50 certified practitioners a copy of your certificate to proudly display in your office.
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After you pass the Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Exam, we'll ship the first 50 certified practitioners a copy of your certificate to proudly display in your office.
Backed by experts
The certificate program was designed by Chaos Engineering leaders and pioneers with over 150+ years of combined experience.

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Further your career as a Reliability pro.

With so much demand for Chaos Engineering experts, the Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate will become the differentiating tool in your professional tool-kit.

Meet the need

Chaos Engineering is now a growing job requirement for SRE's, Resilience Engineers, Ops Engineers, Application Developers, etc. Prove that you can meet the need.

Prove career growth

A Gremlin certificate shows both that you care about growing your career and that you have what it takes to start and scale a Chaos Engineering practice within an organization.

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In just one click, your Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile with Gremlin's official seal of approval.
I was looking for a fault injection mechanism to test the reliability of my application via Chaos Engineering Principles. The Gremlin Chaos Engineering Certification helped me to understand the core concepts of Chaos Engineering and also enhanced my skills.

I think Chaos Engineering should be a part of DevOps culture and a part of any standard application deployment workflow. It benefits multiple stakeholders. Customers experience increased availability and durability. Operators and admins benefit from a reduction in incident noise and on-call pressure and, at the end of the day, Chaos Engineering also helps the business as it prevents system downtime and saves maintenance costs. Overall, it produces a more efficient engineering team and a much better customer experience.

Thank you Gremlin for Chaos engineering certification and all of your other learning resources.
Rahul Gaikwad
Consultant and Devops Specialist, AWS