How to Implement Chaos Engineering at Your Company

By following this guide, you’ll successfully increase your organization’s reliability with minimal effort and risk.

This document will serve as your guide to implementing Chaos Engineering and Gremlin within your organization.

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From educating your team on the principles of Chaos Engineering to running automated experiments, this guide will walk through each stage of the adoption process in order to ensure a smooth and successful rollout.

You'll learn how to:

  • Prepare your organization for Chaos Engineering
  • Deploy Gremlin to your systems
  • Create and execute chaos experiments safely and confidently
  • Integrate Gremlin into the workflow of your engineering teams
  • Automate your chaos experiments as part of your CI/CD pipeline

At the end of this guide, Gremlin won’t just be another bookmark in your engineers’ browsers, but an integral part of your organization’s culture and everyday DevOps practices. We also provide a checklist at the end of each chapter to help you track your progress.

This guide assumes that your organization has already purchased Gremlin and understands the fundamentals of Chaos Engineering. If your organization is unaware of Chaos Engineering and the benefits it can provide, please read our guide to championing Chaos Engineering within your organization.

If your organization hasn’t yet got started Gremlin, you can do so here.

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Gremlin empowers you to proactively root out failure before it causes downtime. See how you can harness chaos to build resilient systems by requesting a demo of Gremlin.

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