Evaluation Criteria and Tool Comparison

2024 Chaos Engineering Enterprise Buyer's Guide

Updated for 2024, this guide shows you:

  • The four key tool evaluation criteria for enterprise organizations
  • Key questions you should ask about your tool
  • How common tools stack up against key evaluation criteria

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About the Authors

Jordan Pritchard

Director of Infrastructure & Site Reliability Engineering

Michael Kehoe

Architect of reliable, scalable infrastructure

Rodney Lester

Technical Lead, Reliability Pillar of Well Architected Program

Tammy Butow

Principal SRE

Jay Holler

Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

Ramin Keene


How do you know which Chaos Engineering tool is the right one for your organization?

Choose wisely and you’ll enable your entire organization to proactively find and fix issues before they impact customers.

Choose poorly and you end up with no way to find risks before they take down your systems.

This short guide walks you through the key questions and criteria you need to evaluate in order to find the right Chaos Engineering tool for your organization—and shows you how popular tools stack up against those criteria.

  • Incident classification: SEV descriptions and levels, and SEV and time-to-detection (TTD) timelines

  • Organization-wide critical service monitoring, including key dashboards and KPI metrics emails

  • Service ownership and metrics for organizations maintaining a microservices architecture

  • Effective on-call principles for site reliability engineers, including rotation structure, alert threshold maintenance, and escalation practices

  • Chaos Engineering practices to identify random and unpredictable behavior in your system

  • Monitoring and metrics to detect incidents caused by self-healing systems

  • Creating a high-reliability culture by listening to people in your organization

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