The 5 Ws of Chaos Engineering with Gremlin + Sabre

Curious how breaking things on purpose can increase reliability at Sabre as you migrate to the cloud?

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About this webinar

Breaking things on purpose to improve reliability sounds counterintuitive. Yet, teams at Expedia used Chaos Engineering to harden their infrastructure when migrating to the cloud and continue to use it today to build more reliable systems.

So how does this actually work? Join us to learn about the 5 Ws of Chaos Engineering (who, what, where, when & why). We’ll also cover why Chaos Engineering is crucial to prevent outages and how you can use it to build resilience into your systems. Plus, see Chaos Engineering in action as we demo the first chaos experiments for your team to start with.

  • Introduction to Chaos Engineering

  • Why traditional QA is insufficient for testing complex microservices architectures

  • How companies like Expedia are using Chaos Engineering to increase reliability

  • How you can up-level your current testing and reliability practices with Chaos Engineering

  • Demo of the first chaos experiments to start with

About the speakers

Build resilient systems through orchestrated chaos

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Avoid downtime. Use Gremlin to turn failure into resilience.

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