Preparing for Spikes in Web Traffic with Chaos Engineering

In our new remote world, we rely on the internet more than ever. Yet, this surge in network traffic poses considerable challenges to the reliability of our systems.

Learn how you can prepare your systems and on-call team for traffic spikes and avoid incidents despite network stress with Chaos Engineering.


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About this webinar

Now that everyone is relying on the internet more than ever, the reliability of our systems has never been more crucial. Yet, the increase in remote connection has caused a constant traffic spike, straining our systems and increasing the risk of outages.

How can we ensure reliability for our customers despite heavy network stress and traffic spikes? Learn how you can use Chaos Engineering to simulate traffic spikes so you can proactively build resilience to common network failures.

  • Identify where traditional peak readiness methods, like load testing, fall short

  • How you can use Chaos Engineering to build resilience to common failures that occur during peak traffic

  • How to simulate traffic spikes to validate your systemsโ€™ reliability under network stress

  • How to prepare your on-call team so they know exactly what to do if an incident arises

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