Observability and Reliability in Deep Systems

Modern systems are built on hundreds if not thousands of dependencies. As we increase the velocity of our deployments, these ever-changing architectures grow more complicated and prone to failure.

The complexity of deep systems demands new approaches to reliability and observability. Learn how to get the context needed to understand interdependencies and proactively verify system behavior.


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About this webinar

Kolton Andrus, Founder and CEO of Gremlin, and Ben Sigelman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightstep, bring lessons from Google, Amazon, and Netflix into a real conversation about how to understand these multi-layered architectures, known as deep systems.

  • How deep systems demand new approaches to observability and reliability

  • How to proactively verify whether systems are working as designed

  • How to get the context needed to understand the interdependencies that drive application behavior

  • How Chaos Engineering can test and verify system behavior throughout the DevOps lifecycle

  • How to answer “I wonder what would happen if…” and design chaos experiments to find out

About the speakers

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