Increasing Reliability with Modern Monitoring and Chaos Engineering

Learn how to build more reliable systems by pairing modern monitoring and observability with thoughtful chaos experiments.


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About this webinar

In our upcoming webinar, we will explore how teams have improved their ability to respond to incidents through implementing monitoring best practices and have proactively prevented issues by embracing Chaos Engineering.

You’ll also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by the experts during our live Q&A segment.

  • Develop and implement monitoring strategies to provide maximum visibility into the critical services and dependencies in your distributed environments

  • Use Chaos Engineering techniques to test and validate your monitoring and alerting systems

  • Explore use cases for incorporating proactive failure injection, including ahead of cloud migrations or transitions to microservices architectures

  • Considerations for observability at all layers of your stack

About the speakers

Build resilient systems through orchestrated chaos

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Avoid downtime. Use Gremlin to turn failure into resilience.

Gremlin empowers you to proactively root out failure before it causes downtime. See how you can harness chaos to build resilient systems by requesting a demo of Gremlin.

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