Peak Traffic 2020

Peak traffic days, like Black Friday, have always been crucial for profitability, and challenging for reliability.

In 2020 internet usage has spiked due to the pandemic, and every day is a peak traffic day, underscoring the importance of being prepared.

Read the report to learn how 245 professionals across various industries are preparing for peak traffic in 2020.

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Key insights:

  • 80% implement their preparations 1-3 months prior to the big event, but confidence in preparation grows the earlier prep starts
  • The most popular preparation activities (provisioning extra infrastructure and load testing) correlated the lowest with confidence
  • 77% of companies use a code freeze prior to a peak event, but it's less common at younger companies
  • 28% felt increased online demand during COVID-19 prepared them for peak holiday seasons coming up

Learn how 245 engineers, SREs, and other leaders are approaching peak traffic in 2020.

We came into 2020 expecting to have months to prepare for peak traffic days, like Black Friday. Then, the pandemic changed everything.

Now, with everyone relying on the internet more than ever, reliability has never been more important nor more challenging.

The importance of peak traffic days, combined with the unique dynamics of the pandemic, prompted us to research how developers and operation teams prepare.

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