Getting Started with Gremlin Attacks

Gremlin provides a variety of ways to test the resilience of your systems, which we call “attacks”. Running different attacks lets you uncover unexpected behaviors, validate resilience mechanisms, and improve the overall reliability of your systems and services.

This ebook explains each of Gremlin’s attacks in complete detail, including what each attack does, how it impacts your systems, and the technical and business objectives the attack helps solve.

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In this eBook, we cover

  • What an attack is and how to run each of Gremlin’s attacks
  • What each attack does, the failure modes that it helps identify, and the resilience mechanisms it helps validate
  • How to interpret the results of an attack and use this knowledge to improve reliability

How can adding latency to network traffic, consuming CPU on a cluster, or restarting a node group help your organization complete a cloud migration, reduce operating expenses, and better serve customers? Read our guide to Gremlin attacks to learn how.

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