Chaos Engineering for Financial Services

Use Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering platform to improve customer experience and build resilience to common failures.
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Charter CommunicationsGrubhubNABSASShiptTargetTwilioWalmartWorkiva

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Closing the Reliability Gap for Financial Services

Applying Reliability Management in Financial Services

Customers expect a tailored experience with no downtime, but legacy systems can limit velocity until they are decoupled. Meanwhile, internal risk management and legal mandates require near perfect data accessibility, therefore disaster recovery plans must be validated.

Differentiate your customer experience

  • Streamline your web and mobile banking platform to ensure customers have access when infrastructure degrades
  • Prevent laggy or unreachable personal trading platforms by preparing them for failed dependencies
  • Minimize the impact of an outage of or lost connection to third-parties payment processors

Proactively test for compliance

  • Prevent single dependency failures from blocking customers from accessing accounts or completing transactions
  • Practice certificate rotation end-to-end to improve detection and resolution time for forgotten rotations
  • Enforce consistency in transaction systems during high resource use, bad networks, or lost nodes

Upgrade systems independently

  • Increase feature velocity with your banking or trading platforms while ensuring they won't impact the reliability of core systems
  • Migrate backend transaction processing systems to modern architectures by testing new systems for failure modes
  • Add tailored customer experiences while simultaneously upgrading critical legacy systems

Take advantage of cloud cost savings

  • Take advantage of higher resource utilization by safely migrating banking applications to cloud-native infrastructure
  • Optimize the scale and redundancies of your transactional databases while maintaining quality and availability
  • Confirm all dependencies are removed before terminating legacy core banking services when upgrading systems

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