Sabre + Gremlin Hands-On Bootcamp

Chaos Engineering involves running thoughtful, planned experiments that teach us how our systems behave in the face of failure. These experiments follow three steps: plan an experiment, contain the blast radius, scale or squash.

Jacob Plicque & Zach Bujnoch will lead a hands-on tutorial on Chaos Engineering, covering the tools, practices and metrics you need to implement Chaos Engineering at Sabre.


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About This bootcamp

During this two-hour workshop, your team will be broken up into groups of four where you’ll each be assigned a role that is critical to the Chaos Engineering Experiment process. You’ll work together as a team to plan and execute various Chaos Engineering experiments with the guidance of the Gremlin Team.

What to Bring:

  • Laptop
  • Working webcam & microphone
  • Stable internet connection

Look for a calendar invite and reminder emails with more instructions on what you'll need to participate before the start of the event!

  • We’ll cover the principles of Chaos Engineering and how to set your team up for success.

  • Discover how other companies are using Chaos Engineering and the positive results they have had using chaos to create reliable distributed systems.

  • See the value of Chaos Engineering by running your own experiments with the provided infrastructure.

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