Chaos Engineering 201 with Kohl's

Are you ready to take your Chaos Engineering practice to the next level? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll build upon the basics that you learned in our 101 Bootcamp and show you how to confidently automate your chaos experiments to improve reliability at scale.


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About This bootcamp

Go beyond the basics and up-level your Chaos Engineering skills in this hands-on, intermediate Bootcamp. Learn how to automate your chaos experiments so you can continuously improve the reliability of your systems at scale. We’ll walk through methods and tools you can use to verify the health of your system, before, during, and after an experiment. We’ll also walk through how to schedule and run experiments in your CI/CD pipeline.

During this three-hour workshop, attendees will be broken up into teams of four, and each assigned a role that is critical to the Chaos Engineering Experiment process. You’ll work together as a team to plan and execute various Chaos Engineering experiments with the guidance of the Gremlin Team.

All you’ll need to participate is your laptop, a working microphone, and internet!

  • Learn about Chaos Engineering automation paths

  • Overview of Gremlin’s API layer and API examples

  • How to set up health checks to automatically ensure your systems are safe and ready to run chaos experiments

  • Use our Python SDK to implement experiments via code

  • Learn how to schedule and run experiments in your CI/CD pipeline

  • Hear how other organizations are using Chaos Engineering to safely modernize and improve reliability

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