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Ensuring Reliability with Gremlin at Citi

Unplanned IT outages are a grim reality for any company including Citi. Lost revenue, eroded customer goodwill, and lost engineering time are only a few of the consequences of system failures. For companies in the financial services industry, the risk is much greater due to the importance and sensitivity of the services provided.

Join us to find out how Gremlin and Chaos Engineering is helping Citi avoid the painful consequences of outages.


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About This event

Learn how Citi is enabling Chaos Engineering with Gremlin, a new discipline that helps finance companies proactively test for failure in their applications and systems. It helps IT teams find and address potential failure points before they can grow into high-profile outages.

  • Ensuring Reliability in Banking

  • Introduction to Gremlin & Citi Partnership

  • Gremlin Product Demo

  • Q&A

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