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2021: The Year of Chaos Engineering

At KubeCon this year, Liz Rice (chair of the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee) said that Chaos Engineering is the #1 technology to watch in 2021. But what should you be watching for? How do you sort out the hype from the valuable practices and tools? And what does this mean for the future of your company and how you work?

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About This event

Join us for a conversation about the benefits of Chaos Engineering and current best practices. Tammy Bryant-Butow (Principal SRE at Gremlin), My Khong (Senior Customer Success Manager at Gremlin) and Liv Balderas (Customer Success Manager at Gremlin) will share insights and predictions for how Chaos Engineering will shape the industry in 2021.

  • Explore the changing landscape of Chaos Engineering

  • Discuss the rise of Chaos Engineering with Kubernetes

  • Learn about automating Chaos Engineering

  • Get tips for how to democratize the practice of Chaos Engineering within your organization

  • See how to use Chaos Engineering to improve code quality

  • Improve on-call and incident management

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