Ensure resilient Amazon EKS deployments with Chaos Engineering

As you migrate to a managed Kubernetes service, you want assurance that your systems will remain resilient. It is important to know how they will react under adverse or unexpected scenarios, without having to go through chaos in real time in production, once it’s too late.

Chaos Engineering tests how certain conditions in your environment impact system reliability and performance. Chaos experiments are designed to uncover weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems so you can address them now and reduce the future threat of downtime.

Harness migration chaos with Chaos Engineering.

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In this ebook, we cover:

  • How Chaos Engineering can help root out systemic vulnerabilities
  • How to use Chaos Engineering to radically improve incident response
  • How to keep your systems resilient during your EKS migration with Gremlin

Remember it is not about causing failures for failures sake but ensuring that your Kubernetes cluster is set up to be as successful as possible in Amazon EKS.

As organizations turn to managed Kubernetes services to execute their containerized workloads, they are looking for ways to limit system risk, tame complexity, and build resilience.

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