User Management

Team Structure

This page describes how to manage users within the Gremlin UI. For details on how Gremlin clients authenticate to the Gremlin Control Plane and API, see Client Authentication.


The Company is the top-level unit of your Gremlin account. All other resources including Clients, Users, and Templates belong to a Company, and Users can belong to multiple Companies. You can switch between your Companies using the dropdown in the top right.

Tip 💡

Visit Company Settings to see what Companies you belong to, to enable auto SSO invitation, and/or to reset your Team Secret.


Teams are used to group users and authenticate your Gremlin clients. Each Gremlin client can only be authenticated to one team at a time. Select a team to find client authentication details and enable the user Auto-Add feature.


Users can be added and removed from Gremlin Users. If your Company uses Google Single-Sign on, you can configure your Company Settings to allow anyone within your organization to sign in with their email.