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Grafana Cloud Golden Signal

To create a Service, you must add at least one Golden Signal monitor to your Service definition. Gremlin recommends a combination of 3 to 5 monitors for a well-rounded view of your Service’s health. Once you have selected a Service type, defined its fingerprint, and selected a process, you'll be able to start adding Golden Signal monitors to your Service.

Adding a Grafana Cloud Golden Signal Monitor

The Alert Rule URL must point to an alert rule relevant to the Service you are creating in Gremlin. You can get this from the Alert page in the Grafana Cloud web app. See Grafana Alerting in the Grafana Cloud documentation for more information.

To add a Grafana Cloud Golden Signal:

  • Select Grafana Cloud from the Integrations drop-down and click Add.

  • If the Grafana Cloud integration has been authenticated in Team Settings, you will only see the Alert Rule URL box — in this case, go to the next step. If the API key and application key have not been defined for the team, you'll also see the Authentication and Headers section – in this case, you'll need to set up the Grafana Cloud team integration first.

    Add Grafana Cloud Golden Signal monitor to Service

  • In the Grafana Cloud web app, navigate to the Alert page and copy the link to the rule you want to use.

  • Back in the Gremlin web app, append the alert link to the base URL. For example,

  • Click Test Golden Signal. Gremlin will look at the response body and verify that the rule has no alerts in a Firing state. A value of Normal for the State field will evaluate as successful.

  • Click Save.

Editing a Golden Signal Monitor

To edit a Golden Signal Monitor, go to the specific Service, click Settings, and then click the Golden Signals tab.

Edit Datadog Golden Signal example