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Getting Started


Before installing the Gremlin Agent, be sure to review the following prerequisites:

Network Tags

To help identify a Service's fingerprint, you will need to use tags (such as operating system, zone, or local-hostname). Cloud providers generally have default tags but if you are not using a cloud provider, you will need to create custom tags in your environment and assign them to the Gremlin Agent during installation. See Network Tags for how to assign custom tags in Gremlin.

Golden Signal Monitors

To test the reliability of a Service, you will need to add at least one Golden Signal monitor to your Service definition. Gremlin recommends a combination of 3 to 5 monitors for a well-rounded view of your Service’s health.

To add a Golden Signal monitor to a Service:

Golden Signal IP Address

Golden Signal integrations originate from the following IP address:

Ensure that this IP address is on your firewall's allow list so that Golden Signal monitor integrations are not blocked.

Process Collection

To discover any dependencies associated with your Services, the Gremlin agent must be configured to collect process data by enabling Process Collection. When Process Collection is active, the Gremlin Agent collects process information from hosts, containers, and Kubernetes objects.