Creating GameDays

To create a GameDay in Gremlin:

  • On the navigation bar, click GameDays.

    New GameDay button on GameDays landing page

  • On the GameDays page, click New GameDay.

  • On the New GameDays page, enter a name for the GameDay and complete the details:

    • Type: Select the type of GameDay you plan to run: Train Teams, Tune Observability, Validate Past Outages, Exploratory, or Other.
    • Goal: Depending on the selected GameDay type, this space will display a suggested goal. You can edit the text to your preference.
    • Scenarios: Add up to 20 scenarios with assigned targets to run during the GameDay. GameDays are limited to 20 scenarios to encourage a focused scope.
    • Environment: Indicate the environment to be used for the GameDay.
    • Dashboards: Link any relevant dashboards that you may need to reference during the GameDay.
    • Runbooks: Link any relevant runbooks that you may need to reference during the GameDay.
    • Participants: Select the GameDay participants and assign each to a position: Owner, Coordinator, Observer, or Scribe. You can have a maximum of 20 participants in a GameDay but Gremlin recommends only assigning only one Owner and one Coordinator per GameDay. The list contains existing Gremlin users. If you want to include a new user in a GameDay, invite them to Gremlin and then assign them a position.

    New GameDay page

  • Click Save GameDay. You're now ready to run the GameDay.