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Fault Injection

IO Attack

The IO Gremlin generates large amounts of IO requests (read, write, or both) to filesystems that are mounted on block devices. It can run multiple requests in parallel by spawning multiple threads (workers), up to the number of available cores on the target machine.


Dir-d pathFalse/tmp1.4.0The root directory for the IO attack.
Workers-w intFalse11.4.0The number of IO workers to run concurrently.
Mode-m <r,w,rw>Falserw1.4.0Do only reads, only writes, or both.
Block Size-s intFalse41.4.0Number of Kilobytes (KB) that are read/written at a time.
Block Count-c intFalse11.4.0The number of blocks read/written by workers.
Length-l intFalse601.4.0The length of the attack (seconds).