Streamline chaos experiments with the only solution that creates failure at the hardware, network, and application level.

Downtime is expensive and damages customer trust. Gremlin’s Failure as a Service solution finds weaknesses in your systems before they cause problems. Put an end to 3 AM pages and stop the all-hands-on-deck firefights. Gremlin is a simple, safe and secure way to use chaos engineering to improve system resilience and streamline failure testing.

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Gremlin makes Chaos Engineering simple, safe, and secure:

  • Instantly overload resources, bring the network to a crawl, and kill specific processes.
  • Perform tests ad-hoc, programmatically, or schedule them in advance.
  • Infrastructure agnostic - Gremlin works with most popular cloud IaaS.
  • Create “attack templates” to run regularly and share with other users on your team.
  • Improve application performance, create resilient software, and a culture of chaos.

Rolling your own testing software and relying on open source scripts is difficult and costly to scale.

By streamlining failure testing with Gremlin, software engineers can find weaknesses programmatically, and address them, before they create downtime and result in lost revenue.

Over a decade of collective experience unleashing chaos at companies like

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