How to Convince Your Organization to Adopt Chaos Engineering

Win over and convince your coworkers and management to explore and adopt Chaos Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

The playbook provides ideas and techniques that can be used to articulate the need and benefits to internal stakeholders in your organization. It also guides the initial implementation in a way that will lead to success and growth across the organization.

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Implementing something new like Chaos Engineering successfully is a good way to get promoted and help the organization succeed, and this guide is here to help you.

In this guide we tell you:

  • Why Chaos Engineering matters
  • How to identify a use case within your organization
  • How to sell the discipline of Chaos Engineering
  • How to build the business case
  • What the procurement process looks like
  • How to build for the long term

While this guide focuses on Chaos Engineering, many of the principles and concepts presented in this playbook will be applicable for anyone looking to make organizational or cultural change, or to bring on a new software tool to your organization.

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