Preparing for Large Traffic Events

With increasingly complex systems and peak traffic spikes, ensuring system reliability on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a tall order. It's crucial for engineering teams to create and follow a robust preparation plan.

Download our comprehensive checklist to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks while preparing your resources, processes, and logistics.

Download the Checklist

Ensure Peak Readiness for large traffic events

  • Leave no resource unaccounted for by consulting our list of metrics and alerts.
  • Coordinate across teams with a comprehensive logistics plan covering proper timelines, roles and responsibilities, and comms guidelines.
  • Ensure your on-call team knows exactly what to do should an incident arise by validating your processes against our checklist.

When we know there will be a higher-than-usual amount of traffic to our web application, many of us get nervous, and with good reason. Large failure events on these days have cost companies large amounts of money and consumer confidence. This checklist will help your company prepare for high-traffic events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and become one of the success stories.

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